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   Total water proofing solution
  • Planning your water proofing
  • Terrace walls water proofing
  • Terrace walls water proofing
  • Building water proofing

External walls water proofing.

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The process enables to penetrate rain water in walls. However the warranty for this is for limited period due to maintained the colour scheme.

Terrace water proofing

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Waterproofing of your terrace is very mandatory because it saves from water seepage and also from any unexpected damage.

Temple water proofing

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We have developed special process to succeed preventing water leakage in doms and pyramids. Without disturbing colour scheme. We therefore claimes Specialized in Temples dome / pyramid waterproofing.

Our Services

  • Basement water proofing
  • Terrace water proofing
  • Specialized in Temples dome / pyramid waterproofing
  • Weather coat application exterior walls


I have hired contractors over the years to waterproof our 8,000 sq. ft. open terrece and have never come across a contractor who not only performed excellent workmanship, but also was always courteous in taking care of my site like it was your own.

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