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Water Proofing Treatment at terrace roof


We are providing long lasting , effective & cost efficient waterproofing service to our customers satisfaction since 1993. Our process of waterproofing is warranted on bond paper.

Waterproofing method for Horizental, slopping, slabs, terrace & sajjahs is as follows.

  • Making surface clean Dustproof & free from loose particles.
  • Denting cracks & cavities with polymer putty if necessary.
  • Apply resin coat to fill hair cracks.
  • Surface to be covered with fiberglass mat i.e. Chopped Strand Mat (CSM )
  • Then will apply coat of polymer solution (processed Polymer resin ) which will dissolve the CSM in it & form film on the surface.


  • Non destructive process.
  • Low increase in weight. approx 0.850 Kg per mtr.Sq.
  • Fast curing after application.
  • Quick & convenient process.
  • Penetration with Morter, stones, metal.
  • Decomposing of reinforced steels totally stops.
  • Resistance to mass & fungus.
  • Damage due to human error are curable.
  • Terrace w.p. helps to reduced room temperature.


  • The film form on surface is transferent ,crack & cavity will be visible.
  • Material used is U.V.stabilized.
  • Excellent water repellence.
  • No peeling tendency.
  • Tough & scratch proof.


I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the fine work you and your crews have performed at various properties we own over the last year.

You have performed in a prompt, courteous and workman-like manner on each project. Most importantly, you stopped the water!

U. Ghosalkar - Restaurent Owner